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Music Lessons



  • All Ages

  • Grades 1-8

  • Piano

  • Keyboard

  • Musical Theory

  • Enjoyment or Exam Focus

  • LTCL Qualified

  • Based in Mt. Wellington


Piano Lessons


Mary has taught piano for many years in conjuction with her school teaching career. Several years ago Mary decided to retire from school teaching and dedicate herself to opening young minds to the wonders and beauty of music.


Mary loves her work and enjoys getting to know the constant stream of people who come through her life to study with her.


Mary is happy for pupils to learn music for their own enjoyment or to put them through the exam syllabus if they so wish. Mary teaches theory right from Grades 1 through to 8. Mary also teaches keyboard to 11-12 year olds at a nearby college.


Mary is available for lessons at her music studio located in Mt. Wellington, Auckland.


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