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New Book "Piano Fun Pieces" released.

Mary Jackson has released a new book for intermediate pianists titled "Piano Fun", a follow up to her successful earlier releases "Reflections" and "Celebration".

Composer and piano teacher Mary Jackson has long found that there is a gap in piano repertoire for intermediate students. For those who are no longer beginners but not yet ready for advanced pieces, often the available material was either too easy or much too difficult.

While her students went online in search of answers, Mary chose to write them herself. Mary’s students found simple selections built around a small range of notes, but the pieces of this collection offer a more musical approach to intermediate piano studies.

They have deliberately repetitive bass patterns, allowing students to concentrate on more difficult melodies and rhythms of the treble and to enter the atmosphere of the music more easily. In this way, students have the opportunity to engage with the music for fun while building their skills and confidence along the way.

This set of piano pieces provides intermediate piano students with an enjoyable musical stepping-stone between early and advanced repertoire.

Mary's goal is to bring beautiful and inspiring melodies to intermediate pianists, that will challenge their skills, stretch their imaginations and touch their souls.

All the enchanting illustrations in Piano Fun are by talented Auckland artist Laura Herbst.

The book is available to download and purchase from Lulu.

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