Enter the enchanting world of music...

Mary Jackson lives in Auckland, New Zealand. She has been involved with music all her life and was brought up in a very musical home. Right through her teaching career she has always been involved with musical activities in schools.


Mary studied piano privately as a teenager and young adult and later studied music at a Melbourne University and at Auckland University. Mary also spent 3 years in London studying music privately. On her return to New Zealand she completed her LTCL Dipolma in composition, improvisation, performance and teaching. During this time she discovered a love for composing. She then gradually built up her piano teaching practice in Auckland.


Mary desire is to bring good music to people young and old, but especially to those who may only be familiar with modern popular music. Mary also wants to bring back lullabies to mothers and babies, because with the mass of popular music and Barbie Dolls etc, she feels that not enough importance is placed on lullabies and their positive influence on babies' development.


Mary has recorded six albums which are available for sale through this website and via amazon.com, cdbaby and iTunes. For more information about Mary's albums, check out her albums page.